We Create Intelligent… Influential… Irresistible… Innovative… Iconic… Intentional Brands.

 WE ARE strategic, creative & intuitive

Brand Magic

Intentional Branding is a boutique branding and design agency, founded in 1998.

We approach branding from a holistic standpoint and work with you on clarity, message, positioning and visuals, to create a brand that truly reflects you and your brilliance.

We check our egos at the door. We know our business and you know yours. We believe in partnership and collaboration. I have always focused on creating long-term relationships with my clients and project partners — in fact, I still work with a few of my clients from 20 years ago!

Together, let’s build an intentional, aligned brand that will transform your business from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Think of Me as Your Partner in Success

Hi. I’m Colleen Davis, Intentional Branding’s founder and creative brand strategist. My clients call me the Brand Magician. I work with service-based entrepreneurs, to increase their impact, authority and income. For over two decades, I have guided clients to create a market-leading, spot-on brand presence, that instantly attracts and connects with their ideal clients. My proprietary branding process and award-winning creativity helps you make more money by being more YOU.

I am highly creative and intuitive. My superpower is stepping into the shoes of YOUR clients, which means that we’re building a brand that’s strategic and impactful. I take a genuine interest in your success and do everything I can to help you along the way.  

I see you. It’s time the world does, too!

We’re Connectors

No one does everything (at least not everything very well) … so we collaborate with other experienced, high level businesses with the expertise you may need. That way you have access to top caliber resources to help you succeed. Together, we’re better — and I personally vet all recommendations.