You Have Just 3 Seconds to Capture the Attention of Your Audience.

Your Brand is the Difference Between Being THE Choice or Being an Option.

When you are branded – strategically, intentionally – you don’t have competition. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other businesses offering the same thing that you do. What it DOES mean is that you are uniquely positioned, you’re communicating the RIGHT message to the RIGHT people, and you’re showing up as an industry leader. You’re more interesting, more engaging, and more compelling. 

You will naturally and effortlessly attract qualified, ideal clients — and you won’t have to chase them!! Plus, you’ll stop attracting the people who are NOT a fit. Bonus! 

YOUR people will feel like they know you, before they actually do. They’ll be more apt to trust you. The sales process becomes MUCH easier … it becomes more of a HOW to work together, rather than a WHY they should work with you.


Are you launching a new business and want to gain momentum quickly? Do you have website shame – or your site just does not reflect your brilliance? Are you having difficulty reaching customers who can pay you? Do you feel like the best kept secret? Or, are you doing okay … but you just KNOW that it’s time to play a bigger game?  

We see you. It’s time the world does, too. 

OUR Magic

We CREATE, RE-CREATE and EXPAND brands for brilliant service-based entrepreneurs. Here’s an overview of our services:

Brand Positioning Strategy

Client Profile Definition

Name & Tagline Creation

Message Development

Visual Brand Identity

Website Design & Production

Content Development

On/Offline Marketing Collateral

Client Engagement Strategy

Client Communications

Sub-Brand Development

Ongoing Brand Expansion



“I went from $6k per year to consistent six figures.”

— Aimee Phlegar


“My business doubled & I’m now licensing my process.”

— Ronda Renée


“I feel real. I feel legit. I feel like it all makes sense!”

— Victoria Gaulrapp


“People RECOGNIZE Joanna Shakti and Ecstatic Intimacy now.”

— Joanna Shakti


“I had my first $25,000 month during the launch of my new brand.”

— Geoff Laughton


“With my new brand, I turned my business around 100% in 12 months.”

— Susan Elford