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Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs like you…

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Business owners who seek to MAKE A DIFFERENCE,

…In a way that spreads success.


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Client Raves

“I just cannot hide my enthusiasm! One amazingly elegant image that incorporates all of the foundational elements that are so crucial to convey. My business has doubled since creating my brand expression with Intentional Branding. And, having a solid and clear brand has made it possible to license my intellectual property to other coaches, many of whom also now make over six figures. I am eternally grateful!”

Ronda Renée

“More people are visiting my site, and prospects are reaching out. I had my first $25,000 month during the launch of my new brand, and it began a multi-year trend of my business growing 30%, year over year. Colleen has become an indispensable part of my team and my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Geoff Laughton


“I love everything Colleen has created – all aspects of my business flow together seamlessly. She’s so easy to work with — clear about expectations, pricing and delivery. Plus, she understands me and my business so well that creative is right on, the first time. If you are looking to build a brand for your business that is professional, effective and unique to you, look no further than Intentional Branding.”

Susan Elford

We Are Strategic, Creative, Intuitive, Resourceful… and Responsive

Intentional Branding is a boutique branding and design agency. We’ve been creating and lifting great brands since 1998.

We approach branding from a holistic standpoint and work with you on clarity, message, positioning and visuals, to create a brand that truly reflects you and your work in the world.

We believe in partnership and collaboration. We care about you, your business, your goals, and your success — and we show it. In fact, we work with, and get referrals from, clients from 20 years ago!

We check our egos at the door. We know our business and you know yours.

Together, let’s build an intentional, aligned brand that will transform your business from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Meet Colleen Davis

Colleen is Intentional Branding’s founder and creative brand strategist. For over two decades, she has worked with hundreds of businesses to create a market-leading, spot-on brand presence.

Before launching her business in 1998, Colleen worked in corporate… as Designer for the Girl Scout Council of Greater Minneapolis (now Girl Scouts River Valleys) and as Art Director for American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise).

Colleen is highly creative and intuitive. Her superpower is stepping into the shoes of YOUR clients, which means that you’re building a brand that’s strategic and impactful.

Colleen is the creator of Brand Essence:™ Persona-Based Branding. This proprietary branding process ensures that you are building a brand that reflects you and your work, is specifically and intentionally created with YOUR CLIENTS in mind.

Your business is not a hobby. You’re in business to make a difference AND get paid generously for your services. We’ll help you do just that. We’ll bring in a team that is specifically curated to meet your needs, your brand, and your goals.

We see you. It’s time the world does, too!