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We KNOW You.  

You have a BIG calling.

You are here to create MEANINGFUL change.

To do that… you must SHOW UP in a bigger way.
Be SEEN. As only YOU can…

Authentic …     Brilliant…     Powerful…

It is time to Stop. Playing. Small.

We’ve GOT You.  

Intentional Branding is a boutique branding and design agency, specializing in helping conscious entrepreneurs create a greater impact.

We help you build brand recognition, enhance your credibility (and confidence), and skyrocket your income.

Let us find and cultivate YOUR distinctive brand expression (message and visuals) — so that your brand REFLECTS your business’ superpower, CONNECTS with your clients, and BUILDS your business.


We Create Brands that are…

Intelligent Influential Irresistible Innovative Iconic Inspirational Impactful Intentional

Brand Expression

Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re leveling up, it’s critical to have CLARITY around who you serve and the value you provide to your clients. We utilize Brand Essence, our proprietary branding methodology, to get to know your clients and your magic (that thing you do) on a deep level. With that key knowledge, we will build a brand that helps you create trust and credibility.

Brand Evolution

You’ve outgrown your brand… it happens. Nothing is consistent and if it is, it just doesn’t communicate the right message to the right people. You’re ready for a strategic and consistent presence that will reveal you as the go-to expert in your industry. Yes! We will work with you to CREATE a brand that looks and sounds the part. And we’ll do it without losing the momentum you’ve built.

Brand Expansion

As you add new programs/services it’s important to be consistent with your message and visuals — so that you continue to CONNECT with your audience. We’re your Creative Partner and will help guide your brand, strategically and consistently, so that you continue to grow the equity you’ve worked so hard to build.


Client Raves

“Colleen is a true pro — she is strategic, creative and a terrific project manager. She offered expert advice, brought in the right team and managed everything so we could focus on what we do best. The entire process was efficient and seamless. Intentional Branding has my highest recommendation.”

Steve Bloom

“Colleen helped me get clear on what I was trying to achieve, helped with naming and tagline creation, and then brought my vision to life. I’ve gone from making $6k per year to consistent six figures since elevating my brand. Colleen really is a Brand Magician. I am thrilled to recommend Intentional Branding.”

Aimee Phlegar


“I feel very grateful to have found Intentional Branding. I appreciate how Colleen and her team care about their work and more importantly, how they show a genuine ongoing interest in my business. I have found a true partnership experience that any business owner or team will benefit from.”

Sue Donnellan /

Let’s Build a Brand That Builds Your Business

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What’s Your Brand Essence?

 A persona-based brand will make you more relatable, more trustworthy… and easier to buy from. Simply show up as the expert you are, and easily attract more aligned and amazing clients!